Since 1938, Toronto’s business elite has relied upon Bulloch Tailors to create bespoke custom tailored suits at ready-to-wear prices.

Located a few steps from the heart of Toronto’s financial district, Bulloch Tailors has been creating beautifully tailored, bespoke and custom-made suits and blazers for the city’s business elite for more than 70 years. Their discriminating and knowledgeable clients recognize the value that a customized Bulloch garment represents in look, fit and affordability.

"When you buy a suit off the rack, you can’t expect a perfect fit," explains Stan Schnapp, president of Bulloch
Tailors. "No matter how expensive a ready-to-wear suit is, or how famous the name of the designer, it’s just not
possible for a mass-produced garment to deliver the appearance and feel of a quality made-to-measure suit."

Stan notes that designer-label suits are factory-produced according to rules that have little to do with the individual customer’s physical characteristics. "Most suit manufacturers assume that every man’s waist-line is six inches smaller than his chest measurement; a customer buying a suit with a size 42-inch jacket will find that the accompanying pants will almost always have a 36-inch waist, whether the customer does or not," Stan says. "At Bulloch’s we handcraft the suit to fit the customer, unlike the mass marketers who expect the customer to fit the suit."

"Unfortunately," he adds, "many men would love to own a made-to-measure suit, but think they might not be able to afford one. However, for the same price as ready-to-wear, we create bespoke garments made from the finest English and Italian fabrics, in preferred styles, custom-tailored to precise measurements. We can craft a truly personalized suit that makes a real statement and will look terrific for years to come."

"Purchasing a suit should be an event," Stan adds. "We want our customers to enjoy the buying experience as much as the suit itself. We respect the fact that they’re busy people, but we do take the time to get it exactly right." That does not, however, mean waiting two or three months. Stan says Bulloch can normally deliver a custom-tailored, hand-sewn suit within three to four weeks of the initial visit.

In today’s competitive business arena, personal appearance is a key factor in achieving career success. Stan concludes, "We’re already seeing a shift away from the business casual trend towards more formal standards of dress. Of course, elegant, well-tailored suits have never really gone out of style with top executives. We’re in the business of making our customers look and feel good and we’ve been doing it successfully for more than half a century."

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